Quick recovery

Quick Recovery

We have had an eventful summer! Upon embarking on our long awaited summer holidays in Europe, we found out we will be moving countries! So, off we embarked on our adventure – 4 countries, several timezones and multiple flights later, we finally reached our new home.

Needless to say we felt a bit under the weather – from the climate changes to the planes full of germs….so this is how we recovered within a day or 2!

Ningxia Red – the most powerful antioxidant drink out there (aka if you don’t know what supplements to take, just drink a sachet of Ningxia a day and you are good to go)⁣

Inner Defense – a natural antibiotic infused with lots of essential oils⁣

Thieves – because they steal your germs away! ⁣

This is what we did
Double dose of Ningxia Red, 2x Inner Defense capsules twice daily and lots of Thieves. We rub a few drops on the soles of our feet, sides of our neck (great to soothe that sore throat, too) and what works magic is to inhale a drop of Thieves from your palms several times a day for minimum 1 minute.⁣

To keep the immunity up, drink a sachet of Ningxia a day and rub a drop of Thieves under your feet daily – YES, even when you are not sick, so that you don’t get sick!!

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