Toxic-Free Dishwashing

Do you want to eat chemicals off your plate? Neither do we!

What many people don’t realise is that this is what we do when we wash our dishes with conventional soap. Yes, it is so deceiving what is sold to us – the whole Green Marketing and Greenwashing is a dangerous movement to be caught in.

We often fall for the terms NATURAL or ORGANIC and for those earthy colours and natural pictures on the bottle. But if you turn over to the label, sadly it often lists toxic ingredients.

When it comes to choosing an Essential Oil Company, there are a lot of different factors and decisions that go into it as well. Some people might prioritize price, quality, value philanthropies, donations and what the company does with their profits. Some may value the support they get through the community. All of these are valid priorities and personal decisions.

On many bottles you’ll find as a minimum, that it lists FRAGRANCE or PARFUM…

FRAGRANCE/ PARFUM might sound nice but it’s a fancy YET dangerous word that hides toxins without having to
expose them. Companies hide this under a “trade secret scent”. I don’t even know why this is
allowed. But this is why we have to keep our health and the health of our family in our own hands!
So I only wash my dishes with the Thieves Dish Soap.

Yes, there are many ways to DIY (make your own) dish soap out there, but if you know me a little I am not the biggest fan
of DIYs if there are products that I can buy that are ready to go! I am more a HACKS kinda girl. So here is a HACK for your dish soap!

Thieves Dish Soap Hack

Fill your foaming hand soap dispenser 1/4 with the Thieves Dish Soap, fill up with water and … ta daaaa!
…much more foamy and it will last you so much longer!!

Thieves Dish Soap Hack

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Happy Toxic Free Dishwashing!!

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