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Downloads: Premium Access Webinars

It’s super important to me to share my tips, hacks, and lifestyle and to make the benefits of toxic-free living as accessible as possible – so the majority of Oily Essentials Webinars have free registration for those tuning in on the event day. For some webinars, I offer Premium Access which comes with some cool little extras and free gifts, including lifetime access to the webinar recording so you can listen again at any time. If you missed a webinar, or saw the webinar but didn’t sign up for premium and would now like to, it’s not too late!

Premium Access is available for each of the webinars and online events listed below. Prices below are in USD and once your payment is received, we’ll email you the download link and any added extras!

Oils for your Garden & Plants Class Guide: $10

Oils for your Garden & Plants Class Guide

Do you have a GREEN thumb? Or a BLACK thumb (like me)? Do your plants blossom or soon go to wilt (like mine do)….Whatever thumb you have, there are some basic things that seem to apply to everyone during the stages of their gardening journey – and you’ll find them all in this Class Guide!


All Things Thieves Class Guide (inc. free Thieves Recipe Book): $10

All Things Thieves Class Guide inc. free Thieves Recipe Book

Learn all about Thieves essential oil and the complete Thieves range and how to get the most out of these products as a way to live toxic-free. From household cleaning through to health, beauty and taking care of your family on the go, this guide has everything you need to know – and great money saving tips too. Also included – FREE Thieves recipe book packed with even more great ideas.


Buy the Summit Bundle for Lifetime Access & 100 Page Recipe Book

Buy The 2021 Elevated Living 100 Page E-Book & Workshop Recordings

Buy all 9 workshop recordings, plus 100 page e-book for lifetime access and recipes, tips and hacks! Want to elevate your wellness game in 2021? This is the way to go!


D.I.Y Skincare Class Guide (inc. free Savvy Mineral Makeup Guide): $10

D.I.Y Skincare Class Guide & free Savvy Minerals Makeup Guide

The Oily Essentials D.I.Y. Skincare Class Guide is over 40 pages of information, hacks, and recipes to enable you to learn all there is to know about essential oils and skincare. Over 20 recipes including moisturizers, face serum, toner, cleanser, body butter, body oil, exfoliant, sunscreen, and much, much more! Includes FREE Guide to Carrier Oils! BONUS CONTENT – And after you have worked really hard to eliminate all the toxins from your skincare products, it’s time to look at natural make up! This bonus guide will explain everything you need to know about the Savvy Mineral Make up line, how to apply it, care for your makeup and even take you through a number of stunning looks!


Crystals & Essential Oils – Complete Bundle: $20

Crystals and Essential Oils Ultimate Bundle

If you want to learn about crystals and essential oils then this complete bundle if the download for you. The bundle includes: – Webinar recording: 1h15m – PDF reference guide containing info covered in the webinar and videos – 1 video showing the use of Crystals & Oils and how to integrate them into your daily life – 1 video showing how to use a Crystal Gua Sha for your beauty routine!


Spice Up The Romance Class Guide: $10

Spice up the Romance

The Oily Essential ‘Spice up the Romance’ Guide will walk you through maintaining, rebooting or even rescuing your relationship between the sheets! Learn to speak the same love language as your partner and find out which oils work best for which special occasions and how best to use them to spice things up! You’ll also find information about libido, hormones and so much more. The guide includes 15 easy to follow lessons with recipes, graphics, tips and recommendations.


Jumpstart Class Guide: $10

Jumpstart Course Guide

The Oily Essential Jumpstart Guide will walk you through getting started with Essential Oils. The class guide contains 15 lessons including, Oil Safety, Ways to Use Oils, Beauty and Skin Care Tips and Recipes, Household, Healthy Eating including drinks, smoothies, snacks and dressings. You’ll also learn about Young Living’s Essential Reward Program and Seed to Seal ethos.


WELLNESS SUMMIT 2020: $35 for 9 workshops!

Including: FREE recipe book of all recipes covered during the summit

The Wellness Summit 2020

Get 9 incredible workshops for $35! From qigong and cooking through to natural skincare and even household cleaning these 9 workshops will give you a diverse range of applications for essential oils. 7 workshops are in English and 2 are conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. Workshops include: Toxic Free Lifestyle, Matcha Insights and Recipes, Turn Your Passion into Your Business, Yoga and Meditation, Meditating with Little Ones, Emotional Wellness, How to Make Minyak Telon, Ningxia Red Gummies, 5 Elements Qigong.



Packed with info and toxic-free hacks to get you on your way to toxic free-living!

Switch and Ditch

If you are thinking about embracing toxic-free living, or are looking for more awesome tips and hacks for everything from chemical-free household products through to skincare, this webinar is packed with info and recipes! Get ready to Ditch the toxins and Switch to chemical-free, natural solutions!


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