Leader Profile: Jules



Jules is a lawyer and founder of Blissful Life Co (a mission-based matcha tea company, that is on a mission to turn the world green).

Jules knows first-hand how the demands of work & life can be a hotbed of stress, burnout and ill health.   The key to maintaining a state of well-being, productivity and focus may just be in the moments of self-care that we give ourselves – that morning cup of matcha, that meditation, wholesome foods, exercise, and good sleep.

If you find yourself struggling to live life to the fullest, reach out to Jules for a glimpse on how to combine a Zen approach to life even when life pulls you in different directions.


Languages: English

Favourite Oil: Peppermint/spearmint oil for headaches; frankincense oil for all things anti-ageing.

Favourite Hack: Jules’ has various recipes that combine matcha with essential oils – whether it is bedtime bath salts with matcha & essential oils;  glow mask with matcha & essential oils, or matcha drinks and cakes with essential oils.   The benefits of these little hacks are endless.

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