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Momergy Essentials is a collaboration between myself, Desiree Bonau, founder of Oily Essentials, and Iva Perez, founder of Kidaku and The Momergy Movement!

We are two Moms who, like so many of you, are finding our way through motherhood while trying to maintain a career, a business, a social life and most of all, an identity! All while being the best mom that we can be and trying our hardest to ensure that our little ones have the best start in life – and guess what? It’s not easy!!

We definitely don’t have all the answers but we do have experience. We’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, from which we’ve created tips so you can avoid the same pitfalls, but most essentially of all, we have a sense of humour! If you’ve ever wondered if you are the first mom to go to the store in pyjamas or the only mom that’s ever resorted to convincing yourself that toast and jam is a nutritious supper (jam contains fruit, right?) you are not alone!

WE know that time is one of the most valuable assets to you right now, so we’ve launched the Momergy Essentials Podcast so you can listen in on the go!

Check out the Momergy Essentials Podcast

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Put on your earphones while you start the dishwasher. Or while pouring yourself a glass. Being a mom and a mompreneur means you’re wearing many hats (and only have two hands). You’re looking for a tribe who gets you. Who uplifts you and inspires you to level up in every area of your life. Listen to two fellow mompreneurs living far away from home and how they are reinventing what it means to do it all, have it all and enjoy it all while changing diapers, growing their business and avoid burning the pasta.

More About Desiree…

Desiree is the founder of Oily Essentials and a Meta-Clinical Aromatherapist. She’s also an expat living in Japan, a wife with a hotelier husband and a mother to a three year old toddler, Desiree knows what it’s like to be busy!

Like most parents, Desiree’s life changed when she discovered she was expecting. While pregnant with her son, Desiree started to think more about what she was putting in her body and even on her skin, and it was then she decided to Switch & Ditch and go toxic-free. Alongside a beautiful baby boy, Oily Essentials was born!

Starting to build a business with a baby at home wasn’t what Desiree expected but, like so many moms, she had the determination to make it work. It hasn’t all been plain sailing and Desiree would be the first to tell you that at times it seems like there just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week! Balancing growing a business with motherhood and trying to have time out isn’t easy but Desiree has become an expert at juggling jobs, changing hats and multi-tasking – and when it doesn’t go to plan, there’s always chocolate and wine!

More About Iva…

Iva Perez is the founder of The Momergy Movement  whose mission is to help moms fully enjoy motherhood, relationships and their life journey by optimizing and harnessing women’s unique mom energy (aka ‘momergy’) to its full potential. If “I’m exhausted” has become your personal motto, The Momergy Movement is here to help!

She is a mom to two little ones under 5, a recovering perfectionist, avid reader, culture vulture, and matcha lover, who firmly believes in having fun every step of the way!

Tune In

Do you want to hear more from these two mompreneurs? Listen in to the Mompreneur Guide to Work-Life Harmony for time-saving tips, insights from behind the scenes, and real-life stories that will have every Mompreneur nodding along and laughing out loud!

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