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~ Multiple Sources, DIY Jumpstart Class via WhatsApp: January 2021

“Ever since I’ve been introduced to Young Living by Desiree, we have been able to avoid using the manufactured medicines. These oils have worked wonders for us especially for my baby boy whenever he’s been sick. I’m very thankful to Desiree who has been a great mentor and she has also welcomed me in a very supportive group where we share our personal experiences with the oils and seek for advice.”

~ Lisa from Seychelles, currently living in Hong Kong

“Since I have Young Living in my life, Essential Oils slowly took over my medicine box and replaced all my body, face, hair and dental products to theirs. Young Living helped me realize how is it touching nature again. For this reason it doesn’t feel right anymore putting artificial products in / on to my body, but especially for my small children. With Desiree’s professional and spiritual guidance I felt my family is in good hands following the path of the healing nature and I am forever grateful for that.”

~Diana from Hungary, now living in China

“I am a mother of 4 . We are using essential oils already since my first child was about 3 months old ( she is 11 years old now ) and loved it from the first moment .
It’s my privilege to call Desiree my mentor about using essential oils. With her help and knowledge we transformed our life to a toxic free life and feeling so happy and guilt free. Not worried anymore or questioning what products to use for our children or for ourselves, or which oil to use in which situation. Desiree has supported us for many years now and has always given us wonderful protocols and advices how to use and benefit from essential oils. Me and my family feel truly in best hands with Desiree and I would never change a thing about it.”

~ Nicole and her family are from Germany & Australia

“Since being introduced by you Desiree, to the beautiful world of YL, our health has been taken care of in the most effective & natural ways. Our son Aryan, is now 6.5 years of age. He has suffered from frequent ear infections & coughs & colds from an early age & those were treated on/off by Drs & with natural medicines. Since starting the oils with him in 2016, he started improving in his health & overall immunity. It was a great, steady progress & after only a few months he was responding very quickly to any of the oil protocols. Can you believe it, now in great health, swimming, diving, & no probs! He is truly an oily boy inside out!”

~Jenny from Sweden, now living in Mauritius